In 2004, it was estimated that about 13 million people worldwide died from cardiovascular diseases. Another 8 million succumbed from cancer. Cancer and heart diseases are the major deadly diseases which are associated with chronic inflammation. Unless something is done, these diseases will continue to claim the lives of many people.
A beautiful staircase is helpful in making a fantastic centerpiece for impressing your guests and serving a special purpose. Stairs are important features in most homes. Getting the right design for your staircase is very crucial. Another critical issue when it comes to stairs is safety.
The number of deaths recorded every year resulting from car accidents is always on the rise. The increasing number of cars on our roads has caused more pressure on the driver by increasing the traffic jam. Many people scared by the many accidents which occur on the roads which they dive.

Choosing the best fabric for Christmas

When sewing Christmas clothes and garments, the choice of fabric is very important as the wrong choice implies an unsuccessful and boring Christmas. Christmas has to be to be a joyous and proud and you would not want to ruin your best moments by having wrong fabrics. Unlike other types of commodities, fortunately for fabrics, there are few options for any pattern and thus it is less stressful pairing up a fabric and pattern.

In selecting the best fabric for Christmas, you ought to at first select a pattern then choose the best fabric that compliments the pattern. The fabrics uk are no doubt the best when it comes to the most ideal fabric for Christmas. When choosing the best fabric for Christmas;

Read your pattern

fabric pattern

Patterns normally dictate the kind of fabric to be designed for. Each fabric has got its own specific considerations like weight, stretch and drape to compliment the design. Cause Christmas normally comes during the cold winter season, heavyweight fabrics like upholstery-weight velvets or cotton are most appropriate.

Do your research

Before you even decide to go buy a fabric, it is very important to at first consider the kind of garment that is best suitable for Christmas. One ideal manner in which you can conduct your research is to window shops around shops and look at what kind of Christmas fabrics are being used. Another way to conduct your research is by online searching of garments. Nothing feels more valuable than touching a Christmas garment and be able to understand the kind of fabric it has.

Fabric color

During Christmas we expect our homes to have a sense of sparkling brilliance that is, lit. Fabric color has got a significant impact on the décor. Depending on the size of your living room, it is important to select an appropriate fabric color. For instance, if you have a small room, it is important to avoid a very bold fabric color. Delicately colored fabrics are best suited to set the right mood for your Christmas season.

Fabric style

The fabric style should be able to complete your interior house décor for Christmas and also the furniture you have around. To make your home more stylish during Christmas, you can match a traditional fabric into your house setting. Anyway, Christmas is all about fun and having the best you can.


Fabric durability


Despite the fact that Christmas only comes once a year, it is important to have a quality fabric that is able to last for long. A fabric selection should refer to issues at hand in the house. You can choose leather fabrics which are long lasting so that over the years you would not be able to buy other fabrics for Christmas.…

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Choosing the Right Hair Loss Treatment

Loss of hair is one of the problems that many people face. It could be because of aging, genetics, illnesses, or any other situation. When it happens, the only thing that you will be thinking of is how to make sure that you get your good old hair back. Indeed, there are many people who are looking for hair loss treatments. The problem is that they do not always get the kinds of treatments that they need and therefore, they have to be content with whatever they get.

If you are one such person, you may want to know that there are various things that have to be considered when looking for these treatments. You should not just walk into any clinic and expect that the services that you get will be satisfactory. Instead of that, you can be sure of better results if you choose experts with the right skills and tools. Here is how to go about it.

Proper diagnosis

The process starts by finding the exact cause of loss of hair. This is because there is no way anyone can treat a condition whose cause they do not understand. Since there are many causes of loss of hair, there are also many treatments. The expert will take their time to go through your health records and look at the hair loss pattern before concluding. During the diagnosis, you may also be required to answer a lot of questions. Be sure to provide accurate and factual information to get the right treatments.

Get a guarantee for results

You should choose experts who can guarantee that you will get your hair back. If you look at some of the treatment centers that offer these services, it is clear that there are different kinds of services that they provide. You can be sure of what to expect if you look at some of the people who have had these treatments. If they got their perfect looks back, it shows that you too can benefit from the services. However, if you notice that most of them are dissatisfied, it could be a show of things going wrong, and you may have to search elsewhere.

Use of safe procedures

Safety is of great importance when it comes to hair loss treatments. No matter how desperate you are to get new hair, it is good to make sure that you do not expose yourself to harm. Take a look at the products that the experts use for this purpose. Studies indicate that some of them may not be as safe as you want them to be, and so you have no option but to choose with caution. You may want to choose clinics that use natural products because they are safer and have fewer side effects when compared to the other options available out there.

You can be sure of getting the best hair loss treatments if you look for experts that have experience. This helps you to find the ones that have a lot of information about the various options available to you.…

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Raw Dog Food is the Best Option for Pitbulls

Pitbulls are naturally strong dogs, and they need to be given the right diet. Raw food is a good option for pit bulls instead of the dry foods available in the stores. Dogs are carnivores, and it is in their instincts to hunt and eat raw flesh. Their teeth are meat to chew bones and raw flesh, and you should give them the satisfaction by serving them raw food.

Raw dog food is also important for the good health of the dog. Nina has raised several pitbulls on this dog food. You can always do an assortment of the food to make sure that you give your dog the best.

Reasons to feed your dog raw food

Keep teeth clean

Feed your raw dog meat keeps their canines clean at all time. When you feed your dog starchy food all the time, then the teeth will have plaque stuck on the teeth. The only way to keep the teeth clean is to feed the raw dog flesh. The raw meat will remove all the starch that has been stuck on teeth over time.

dog eating meat

Health option

Raw foods provide a healthy alternative when compared to starchy foods. Dogs are carnivores, and this means that their digestive system is meant to digest raw meat. When you give your dog raw meat, then the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body, and this makes the dog healthy. Pitbulls are strong dogs, and it is important to give them healthy food so that they can maintain good health.

Weight management

Obesity in dogs is not something new in the modern day. If you want to avoid obesity in dogs, you need to look for a way to manage the problem. Obesity in dogs can be controlled by giving your dog a raw diet. Most of the dogs that suffer from weight-related problems do that due to the type of diet that they take. The starchy foods that are sold in the market will only lead to weight issues.


Happy dogs

If you want to have a happy dog, then you need to focus on healthy food. Giving your raw dog food will ensure satisfaction, and it will provide the necessary energy. A happy and an energized dog will always make you a happy person too. Just like people enjoy taking good food, dogs too crave to eat good raw food once in a while. The favorite food for every dog is a chunk of raw meat and bones.…

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Significance of online lenders

You may be faced with situations that may require you to spend a lot of money. They may get you when you have little or no amount in your account or wallet. That is the time you are forced to borrow from those who can offer a helping hand. Those close to you are the right ones to borrow but may lack the required amount at times. In such situations, you will be forced to find other avenues where you can raise that money. Banking institutions will lend you money, but you have to subscribe to their conditions. Repayment of loans with a specified interest is familiar with most banks. There is an option for online lenders where you need to log in to their sites and fill the required information to access that loan you need.


Visit and check whether you qualify for any amount. Repaying your loan in the001 agreed period with the required interest will see your credit score improve. Banks work closely with organizations that monitor one’s repayment records and give their ratings. Late or no repayments will see you getting blacklisted. You will not be eligible to access any loan from any bank in your area. Online lending companies can help you out from this mess. This type of lending has made life easy in several ways. Here are the benefits of taking online loans.



Easily accessible

You can access online loans easily compared to that of banking institutions. The availability of smartphones and laptops has made all this more accessible. You can do it from the comfort of your home by logging in to their site and filling in the required information to confirm if you are eligible for one. If you qualify, you get the money needed for use.


Fair rates

Most online lenders offer lower interest rates compared to banks. They are regulated by the relevant authorities and are given limits which they are not supposed to breach when it comes to interest rates. They will charge lower rates to beat up the stiff competition they face from banks. Apply for an online loan if you do not want to pay high interest rates.


Time saving

003With banks, you have to physically present yourself in one of their branches to apply for the amount you need. You might see yourself lining up for hours to fill forms. Waiting to confirm your eligibility or approval will also take time. Online loans are fast, and there’s no need of walking to any office to fill any form. You will do it at the comfort of your home and get your money instantly.…

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Top Inflammatory Foods That You Should Avoid

In 2004, it was estimated that about 13 million people worldwide died from cardiovascular diseases. Another 8 million succumbed from cancer. Cancer and heart diseases are the major deadly diseases which are associated with chronic inflammation. Unless something is done, these diseases will continue to claim the lives of many people.

These diseases are also related to the modern choices of lifestyle. Most people are consuming inflammatory foods, and they are not taking a balanced diet. Natural anti-inflammatory foods should be incorporated into your diets. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid or cut down the foods which promote inflammation.

The following are some of the inflammatory foods which should be avoided at all cost

Common cooking oils

Most of the common vegetable oils used in restaurants and homes are rich in omega-6 fatty acids. They have a low content of omega-3 fats. Any diet which has the unbalanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats is known for promoting inflammation and inflammatory diseases such as cancer and cardio diseases.

Some of the common inflammatory oils are obtained from sunflower, grape seeds, corn, safflower, and cottonseed. You will find these oils being used in preparing most of the takeaways and processed foods. The following oils can be used as substitutes for inflammation olive oil, macadamia oil and other oils which have a balanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Besides, these oils are loaded with oleic acid which is a heart healthy fatty acid.

Dairy products

Milk is one of the common allergens which is known for triggering inflammatory responses including diarrhea, stomach distress, breathing difficulties, acne, skin rashes, and constipation in susceptible people. You will find dairy products and milk being used as one of the preservatives in foods which contain omega-3 –deficient oils and partially hydrogenated oils. Other than the common foods which contain dairy products, there are other foods which contain hidden dairy products including cookies, bread, cream sauces, boxed cereals, crackers, and cakes.

Refined grains

Most of the grains in the modern days are refined. These grains are devoid of vitamin B and fiber a compared to the unrefined and unpolished grains which have their germ, aleurone, and bran intact. Most of the processed grains are known for hastening the onset of the major degenerative disease such as coronary disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Artificial food additives

Most of the artificial food additives are considered as pro-inflammatory-agents. Examples of these additives include monosodium and aspartame. These additives are known for triggering inflammatory responses in individuals suffering from anti-inflammatory issues such as rheumatism.





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Tips For Choosing The Right Parts For Your Staircase

A beautiful staircase is helpful in making a fantastic centerpiece for impressing your guests and serving a special purpose. Stairs are important features in most homes. Getting the right design for your staircase is very crucial. Another critical issue when it comes to stairs is safety. The following factors will help you in making the right decisions when choosing the stairs for your house

Material used

Most stair cases are made using glass, metal, and wood. Irrespective of the materials used, timber will always form part of the stairs. It plays a key role in supporting the staircase’s structure. Wooden staircase components can also be combined with steel spindles or glass panels to give your staircase a contemporary look.


This is a versatile and a warm material which can suit any setting. Wood is ideal for a varying range of designs including turned newels and curved stairs. Wooden stair spindles can be worked readily into decorative shapes. It can also be left plain to give your stairs a minimalist look. Some of the best timber species include Sapele, hemlock, and pine. These species are readily available at an affordable price. You can also use these species of timber when you are interested in staining or painting your staircase. Other wooden species which can be used are walnut, ash, oak and southern yellow pine. These species are highly durable, and they are used in offering premium looks.


Glass panels are used in areas which are poorly lit. There are special types of glasses which are effective in allowing free flow of light around the room. Glass panels can also be combined with metal or wooden newels and handrails to add a contemporary glamor to your stairs.


Metallic stairs balusters are becoming extremely popular in the modern days. These stairs are specially designed such that they resemble wrought iron. These stairs come in a variety of choices which offer contemporary designs. Metallic stairs are decorative and highly durable. Additionally, these stairs can be painted easily to match your home decor. You can also use brushed nickel or chrome stair spindles to give your home an ultra-modern feel.


You should revamp your stairs to ensure that they are up to date when it comes to style as well as safety. In fact, there is a regulation which has been brought in to ensure that children are not trapped. You should avoid leaving large gaps on the staircase



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1/27/03: Tim’s CD release parties went pretty well despite the snow in Knoxville. There’s an upcoming acoustic gig on Thursday, Jan. 30th at Brazo’s. Here’s what Tim had to say about it:

I’ll be playing a rare (because nobody ever asks me to) unplugged show at Brazo’s Coffee Shop on Market Square (here in Knoxville) on Thursday, January 30. I’ll be doing a couple of sets and plan to invite some folks to come sit in. It should be a lot of fun, and the admission is free. And oh yeah, Brazo’s also keeps a couple of good brews on tap, so you don’t have to rely on caffeine for your liquid enjoyment.

Also, Tim will be doing a gig back at Patrick Sullivan’s on Saturday, Feb. 15th with Mitch Easter’s group, The Crackpots. Check out the gig page for more info…
1/15/03: We’ve finally updated and opened the new site, now found at The big news, of course, is that Tim Lee has returned his long hiatus with a vengeance to performing and recording. A new album, Under the House, is being released by the Paisley Pop label. The album is being released to retailers on February 18th, but you can avoid the wait, and order it right here and now from Paisley Pop by clicking on the album cover.

Tim and his band including members of the French Broads, are celebrating with some gigs in his new adopted hometown of Knoxville, TN:
Thursday, January 16th

CD Release Party!

Preservation Pub.
28 Market Square
Knoxville, TN 37902

Saturday, Jan. 25
CD Release Party – II!

Patrick Sullivans
100 N. Central St.
Knoxville, TN 37902

Thursday, Jan. 30

Brazo’s Coffeehouse (on Market Square)
Knoxville, Tenn., solo acoustic, free.

Saturday, Feb. 15

Preservation Pub.
28 Market Square
Knoxville, TN 37902

w/ the Crackpots (feat. Mitch Easter)!…

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